What Golfers Think

Our customers cannot speak highly enough of our quality, price, and ease of use!


The 17” x 40” WG Tour Microfiber Golf Towel by Wedge Guys is the perfect all-in-one towel for golfing – tough enough to clean your clubs yet soft enough to polish your sunglasses.

    • The center cut WG Tour Towel’s soft, airy fabric features a waffle weave pattern that is highly absorbent and cleans your golf equipment more efficiently. Accidentally flub the ball? The towel will help dry your tears, too.
    • The hole in the middle of the towel has reinforced fabric, allowing you to store the towel on clubs and alignment sticks in your golf bag like the pros without the need for a hook or carabiner.
    • The towel’s microfiber material and waffle pattern works to keep your golf club grooves clean, hands sweat-free, and grips dry. 

The large WG Tour caddy towel is the perfect golf gift for yourself, family, or a friend. It’s super-durable, large enough for all your needs, and easy to wash.