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The Wedge Guys Golf Club and Course Accessory Light Kit includes:

Double-Sided Golf Club Brush

Keeping your golf clubs clean and maintained during your game not only helps them look good, but can actually give you more control over your swing and improve the spin of your golf ball.

Groove Sharpener

Maximum Spin Guarantee, for irons or wedges which will have more spin than any other groove sharpener available.

Golf Ball Alignment Tool w/ Marker

The Golf Ball Alignment Tool will help with squaring your putter face and lining up shots.

Divot Tool

Use the Single Prong Divot Tool to easily fix pitch marks.

4”x8” Valuable Carrying Bag

Keep your personal items safe and secured while on the course.

Poker Chip (Drain It)


The Golf Accessories Club and Course Light Kit is the perfect golf gift for yourself, family, or a friend. Everything included is of the highest quality, made by the PGA Professionals at Wedge Guys. As always, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.