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The Sure Tight Bench Vise by Wedge Guys is an incredibly versatile, multi-functional workbench vise engineered with features to make your next do-it-yourself project easier.

ONE VISE TO RULE THEM ALL – Perfect for DIY’ers and Homeowners alike, the Sure Tight Bench Vise includes thoughtful features including a detachable bench clamp, quick-release button for easy access with less ratchet, and a 360° swivel base to approach your project from any angle.

REGRIP YOUR GOLF CLUBS & MORE – Every Sure Tight table vise includes a Wedge Guys Rubber Vise Clamp to ensure your golf clubs stay protected against marring / breakage while repairing, reshafting, refinishing, refurbishing, replacing, or regripping your clubs.

HIGH-STRENGTH STEEL CONSTRUCTION – The Sure Tight vise is built with high-strength steel and can handle many different types of projects including woodworking, working on your golf clubs, cutting metal and other materials, sanding, gluing, drilling, soldering and more.

VISE SPECIFICATIONS – 2 1/4” Jaw opening opens and closes at the touch of a button | Bench Clamp: 4” Max opening | Bolt directly onto your workbench w/ 3 included bolts or use the vise clamp on a sturdy table surface | 360° Swivel base locks in place | High-Strength Steel construction.