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  • WHAT’S INCLUDED – 13 GLP Velvet Golf Grips + 1 Deluxe Grip Kit (5oz grip solvent, 15 2″x 10″ tape strips, vise clamp, hook blade)
  • GoLow Pro GRIPS – the latest velvet golf grip design with “WG” traction providing a non-slip surface in all weather conditions.
  • TAPERED PROFILE – Allows for lighter grip pressure which promotes less tension in the hands and creating more fluidity and power throughout the swing.
  • COMFORT & CONTROL – Our golf grips allow you to enjoy unparalleled response, comfort, and control in all weather conditions.
    • Standard Size – M60, Core Diameter: .60 inches, Weight: 55 Grams
    • Midsize – M60, Core Diameter: .60 inches, Weight: 70 Grams.
  • DELUXE GRIP KIT – This grip kit includes everything you need to regrip a full set of golf clubs.
  • BUNDLE & SAVE – Save 20% with this bundle compared to buying the grips and kit individually.
  • Upgrade your driver, wedge, iron, wood, and/or hybrid golf clubs by replacing / regripping with the Wedge Guys GLP grips.

How to regrip your golf clubs