26 Feb

How to Regrip Your Clubs in 8 Steps

Step 1: Secure the shaft in a vise near the tip of the grip using the protective Rubber Vise Clamp.

Step 2: Remove the old grip with a straight blade or stripper. (Use a utility knife with a hook blade on graphite shafts to avoid damage to the shaft.) Be sure to cut away from yourself at all times. Peel or scrape off the old grip and grip tape. TIP: If the old tape is difficult to remove, heat it up with a heat gun or hair dryer.

Step 3: Apply the new grip tape with 1/4″ over the edge and smooth over the shaft of the club. (Note that the grip tape will not be as long as the grip itself, that is OK)

Step 4: Remove the tape backing and cover the end of the shaft with extra tape pushing it into the end of the shaft.

Step 5: Cover the vent hole in the butt end with your finer or golf tee, spray/pour a generous portion of Grip Solvent inside the new grip. Close the open end of the grip with your hand and shake to cover the entire inside of the grip.

Step 6: Pour the excess Grip Solvent (through the vent hole) over the entire length of the two sided tape. Apply generously.

Step 7: Place the grip over the shaft butt (with alignment pattern up) onto the club by squeezing the open end of the grip. This must be done while the grip is still wet with Grip Solvent. Push the grip entirely onto the club. Be sure the grip butt is against the shaft butt.

Step 8: The grip can now be properly aligned with the pattern square to the club face. (This must happen within a minute or so after applying the grip.)

Step 9: Allow grips to dry a few hours before playing.

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After earning his PGA Membership in 2012, Brian was eager to start a golf supplies company with one mission in mind: Provide golf supplies that every golfer needs at an affordable price.

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