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Our customers cannot speak highly enough of our quality, price, and ease of use!


The Wedge Guys DC Tour (Dial Cord Tour) Golf Grips are ideal for the professional or avid golfer with its supreme surface texture, responsive feel, and high performance materials.

  • 4 Zone Design – The DC Tour Grips’ 4 zone design provides a soft woven cord in both the upper and lower hand providing unparalleled control, while maintaining the best response and control for the most delicate of shots by placing the “Feel Tack” rubber where the player needs it most. This allows for a 360° of installation possibilities to fit your perfect comfort.
  • All Weather Control – The DC Tour Golf Grip is the ideal golf grip for all weather conditions. It doesn’t matter if you golf in rain, hot temperatures, or extreme humidity, the DC Tour Grips provide you with the best control.
  • Extreme Feel – Glove or no glove? The DC Tour Grip always feels comfortable in your hands.
    • Standard Size – M60, Core Diameter: .60 inches. WEIGHT: 55 Grams.
    • Midsize – M60, Core Diameter: .60 inches. WEIGHT: 70 Grams.

You can feel confident in replacing/regripping your wedges, drivers, irons, and more with the Wedge Guys DC Tour Grips, always using only the highest quality materials.

How to install DC Tour Golf Grips