Why are new grips important?

The golf grip is your body’s only connection to the club/shaft.  So, if your connection to the club is poor that could be bad for your game.  Worn grips can mean bad shots.  Most golfers know that is true.

In order for a player to play their best golf, their hands need a good connection to the club.  The best way to accomplish that is with a fresh, new grip.  The friction between your hands and the shaft, as provided by the grip, is what gives you control of a club being swung at some points over 100 mph. During a typical round of golf a player finds themselves in a number of different lies and hitting a number of different miss-hits including: hitting out of the deep rough, toe hits, uphill lies, downhill lies, wet weather, cold weather, sweaty hands, etc.  All of these situations (and more) can lead to the club shifting or turning in your hands.  If you are playing with old, worn out grips, you are asking for trouble!  You need a good grip for a solid connection to the club.

Why do your grips wear?

As I’m sure you know that friction between your hands and the grip will cause actual physical wear.  In fact this is the most common and destructive influence of grip deterioration.   However a lot of the new and most popular grips on the market are made of rubber, synthetic rubber, and other designer compounds and these are not all that stable, they age and deteriorate over time.  The sun, skin oils, and most importantly time all have an effect on them.

All of these things age grips.  As they age, the surface can get hard and cracked.  Unfortunately, a lot of the aging and deterioration will take place whether you play or practice a lot throughout the year.  Of course, playing a lot will accelerate the effect, but lack of use doesn’t stop the clock.

As Golf Professionals our goal is to make the game as enjoyable as possible for our students and customers. Regripping your golf clubs is an easy process that a lot of you can do right at home with our complete grip kit and it will make your round and season much more enjoyable.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions; we strive for the highest customer satisfaction.

-Wedge Guys