20 Aug

What To Do If A Grip Gets Stuck While Regripping Golf Clubs

Never waste another golf grip again! Learn how to avoid having a grip get stuck while regripping golf clubs. Also, learn how to get this grip off if it does get stuck without having to cut it.

Hey everyone, this is Matt from Wedge Guys. We’re going to start sending out some videos every now and then answering some frequently asked questions on swing tips, short game tips, stuff like that.

So be sure to check your inbox, check our YouTube channel, check our Instagram. We’re gonna be posting those every now and then the first thing we’re going to touch on today is going to be when you’re gripping your club, and one of your grips get stuck halfway on, and can’t get it all the way.

So we’re going to address what’s the cause of that and how to avoid it. But I’m going to start by saying, the grip should go on pretty easy. So if at any point, you feel like the grip is getting stuck, rip it back off, you can usually get it off pretty quickly.

If you feel like there’s tension at all, pull it back off, the grips gonna come off. You can reuse it this way, you’re not going to waste the grip. You don’t have to try to force it on then it gets stuck and then have to cut it off. So my suggestion is again, just don’t force it.

If you feel that tension, take it back off and start over. But I’m also going to cause or touch on the fact of what can cause I have to get stuck. The first thing that we’re going to say is pretty simple, and it sounds like everybody should know it.

But it’s going to be with the grip tape. The grip tape has two sides. So the first side that we’re gonna remove is the one with the writing on the back. And then we’re going to remove the side that’s split down the middle. We have to make sure we’re removing both sides of the backing to get the grip on fully.

A lot of times, people will forget to remove one of the sides, and that doesn’t allow the grip to slide the way it should. So make sure you’re removing both sides of the grip tape.

The second thing and probably the most common thing really, that people do is when they remove the old grip and the old tape, they use something to remove the old residue of the tape.

Sometimes it’s Goo Gone, sometimes we will use WD40 and Windex. And if you’re doing that it leaves behind a film on the shaft. And if there’s a film on the shaft, it’s going to not allow that grip tape to fully adhere the way it should.

So if you do that, and that’s fine. If you do this, make sure you dry the shaft properly before you put the grip tape on. If you don’t, the grip tape will not fully adhere. It’s gonna get bunched up underneath the grip and cause that grip to get stuck.

So make sure you dry that shaft properly before you even start the process. And then lastly, the final thing is going to be with the grips solvent.

Always make sure we’re using plenty of grip solvent. Again, we use a paint tray or something similar like that to catch the excess solvent so we can reuse it.

So once you use this, it can be reused again. So if you’re catching it, you can put it back in the bottle. The grip solvent should be enough to do multiple sets, not just a few clubs.

If you have any questions feel free to message us on Instagram, Facebook,  or message us on our website.

We’re here to help. Any question is fine. Feel free to reach out.



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Brian Dalton

After earning his PGA Membership in 2012, Brian was eager to start a golf supplies company with one mission in mind: Provide golf supplies that every golfer needs at an affordable price.

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