20 Oct

2 Tips to Avoid 3 Putting for Good

Save strokes on the putting green and avoid amateur mistakes. In the video below Matt will show you exactly how to improve your putting with just a few simple adjustments and consistent practice. 

Hey everyone it’s Matt from Wedge Guys guys. This week, we’re gonna talk about putting – some little tips we can do to help us out around the greens and save a few strokes. 

First thing we’re going to talk about here is going to be the club path. And one of the biggest things that we see in amateur golfers is that they try to steer the golf ball too much, they get this term in their head of “straight back straight through.” 

When you’re doing that you create a lot of separation from your hands and your arms from the body. And when you start to get separation, what’s going to happen is you’re going to use a lot of the little muscles to try to hit a spot. When using little muscles like that, you’re going to have a hard time doing it consistently.
So the big thing we want to see is an inside path to inside path. You don’t have to have a lot of face rotation, but just a little bit of path on that slight arc, that’s going to keep the club close to the body, and what that’s going to allow you to do is rock your shoulders more in a true pendulum, and use the bigger muscles, which in turn is gonna allow you to be a lot more consistent.

So you can kind of see in the video that I have the three coins on the right side.  And if you’re looking down the target line, you’ll see they’re on a slight little arc. 

So what we’re going to do is get that club set up, and the club’s gonna come back and through, and not touch those coins. The idea here is that you can use this with tees, with ball markers, with anything to just mark the locations, and use that path to get a lot more consistent. You’re going to see the ball start on a target line a lot more consistently and easily. 

If you’re trying this as a lefty, you can just swap those two far coins to get them to the other side and put the three coins on the left, that’s all. 

The big thing is that you could do this anywhere. You don’t need a living room, you can do it in your basement, you can do it in your backyard or on a putting green. The important thing is just to keep rehearsing it back and through. The more we do this, the more repetitions we get, the more natural it’s going to start to feel as well.

So as we get this club back in through what we’re really going to see is that the club’s going to work on the wind side arc, return to the ball, and then leave on that inside path. If you can do that, you should start to see a pretty consistent starting line to get the ball started true to the whole. 

The second tip is going to address hunting and how we determine loft at impact. The biggest flaw that I see a lot of amateurs doing is that once they get through impact, and let the club head past their hands, they slip the club. 

So the two drills demonstrated in the video are going to help you maintain your walk and keep that forward press nicely

First of all, what you can do to maintain that is just choke down to the bottom of the club, gripping it with your main hand. And you want to maintain the V, the separation that you can see in the video. 

Please take a couple practice putting strokes back in through where you don’t see that breakdown. If you start to feel the club has passed the wrong way, then you need to maintain that forward trust throughout.

If you want a little bit of feedback in order to do so, you can take a golf ball and put it in that V, and make sure that golf ball stays there. 

Good luck out there and if you need anything else, send us an email, or hit us up on Facebook or Instagram. We’re here to help. 

Meet the Author

Brian Dalton

After earning his PGA Membership in 2012, Brian was eager to start a golf supplies company with one mission in mind: Provide golf supplies that every golfer needs at an affordable price.

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